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 Professional Development Team

Team Leader: Deborah Howard, CBSP
Vice-Leader: Kirt Poulson

Distance Learning Committee

Maryjo Lanzillotta, MS, RBP, CBSP, SM(NRCM)
Kathleen Kennedy, MPH

ABSA's Distance Learning Committee (DLC) is dedicated to the development and delivery of quality training modules and webinars for biosafety professionals.

Journal Board

Karen Byers, MS, RBP, CBSP
Barbara Johnson, PhD, RBP

The duty of the Journal Board is to ensure the timely production of a professional publication focused on biosafety on a quarterly basis.  The Co-Editors, Associate,  Assistant and Managing Editors achieve this collectively by soliciting high quality articles in the form of original research, review articles, editorials, columns and other applicable submissions which are then subject to double-blind review by subject matter experts with a track record of publications who have been appointed to the Editorial Board.  The Co-Editors and Associate Editor coordinate with the Managing Editor throughout the article solicitation, review and publication phase of the process, as well as conduct a Quality Control review of the final product before it is released to the membership.

Learning Verification Committee

Niki Drazenovich, RBP, CBSP
Matthew Fischer, PhD, RBP


ABSA Owned Courses Committee

Provide continuous evaluation and revision of educational content for ABSA developed courses.

Preconference Course Committee

Corrie Ntiforo, MSPH, RBP
Carrie Smith, PhD, RBP and CBSP

Provide quality, relevant biosafety education to ABSA members and other practitioners. The committee will develop courses, serve as facilitators, review course content and handouts, on-site coordination of the course, and summarize evaluations from the course.

Publications Committee

Bruce Whitney, PhD

Promote and foster the publication of biosafety media

Training Tools/Resources Committee

David Harbourt, PhD

Provide a consolidated collection of biosafety training materials readily accessible via the ABSA web site for individuals responsible for providing biosafety training. Identify and solicit quality biosafety training materials, evaluate all submitted materials for relevance and accuracy, and organize materials into categories for posting on the web site.

 Defining the Profession Team

Team Leader: Ray Hackney, DrPH, CBSP

Credentialing Evaluation Board

Donald Wang, MPH, RBP, CBSP
Tom Boyle, RBP

Recognize biosafety professionals through credentialing. Review applications for Certified Biological Safety Professionals (CBSPs) and Registered Biosafety Professionals (RBP) to determine if applicant meets established criteria.

Credentialing Maintenance Board

Susan Cook, CBSP
Thomas Leonard, PhD, CBSP

Develop the continuing education criteria necessary for Certified Biological Safety Professionals (CBSPs) and Registered Biosafety Professionals (RBP) to maintain their certification and for administering the recertification process. Criteria for serving on the Board include being an active status CBSP and/or RBP.

 Management Team

Team Leader: Judy LaDuc, RBP

Awards Committee

Janet Peterson, CBSP

Provide the names of nominees for the Arnold G. Wedum Distinguished Achievement Award, Everett Hanel, Jr. Presidential Award, the John H. Richardson Special Recognition Award, and the Knudsen Award to the ABSA Council for review and approval.

Bylaws Committee

Francine Rogers, RBP, CBSP

Review the By-Laws, propose amendments, and review other matters related to the By-Laws

Finance Committee

James Klenner, MS, RBP, CBSP
Sarah Gillette McAbee, RBP

Make recommendations to the Council on matters concerning financial policy, fiscal performance, financial statements, investment of funds, and other financial matters.

E-Communications Committee

Matt Anderson, PhD
Sarah Ziegler, PhD

Facilitate the continued development and oversight of the ABSA website as a fundamental means of communication for ABSA members and other practitioners.

Membership Leadership Team

Team Leader: Margaret Juergensmeyer, PhD, RBP
Vice-Leader: Sophie Brocard, PhD, RBP

Affiliate Relations

Jennifer Gaudioso, PhD
Despina Felis, RBP

Assists, advises and coordinates the Affiliate and International affiliate petition process with the respective petitioning organizations according to criteria approved by the ABSA Council. Serves as liaison between ABSA and it's affiliated organizations. Convenes a meeting of delegates of affiliated organizations at the Annual Conference. Makes recommendations to the ABSA Council on matters affecting Affiliate and International Affiliate policy.

Membership Committee

Je T'Aime Newton, MS, RBP
Malissa Mayer, RBP

Promote membership in ABSA.

Mentoring Committee

Althea Capul, PhD
Sarah Ziegler, PhD

Facilitate the creation of mentoring relationships within ABSA, between a mentee who wishes to enhance their biosafety knowledge in specific areas, and a mentor. The Committee's goal is to solicit knowledgeable ABSA members willing to volunteer as mentors, and match up interested parties. The Committee will also solicit feedback on the process in order to track the effectiveness and make improvements.

Nominating Committee

Melissa Morland, MS, RBP, CBSP

Prepare a slate of candidates for officers, Councilors, and at-large members of the Nominating Committee. Nominating Committee members are elected.

Accreditation Team

Accreditation Board

Christina Thompson, RBP, CBSP

The purpose of the Accreditation Board is to be responsible for oversight of the Accreditation Program.

Accreditation Committee

Bob Ellis, PhD, CBSP
Rebecca Caruso, MPH, RBP, CBSP

The purpose of the Accreditation Committee is to determine whether an entity can be accredited based on the complete and final inspectors' report. 

Inspectors Committee

Marian Downing, RBP, CBSP
Julie Johnson, PhD, CBSP

The purpose of the Inspectors Committee is to select and train inspectors for the Laboratory Accreditation program, conduct entity inspections, and to provide a completed inspection report to the Accreditation Committee.

Standards Committee

Bill Homovec, CBSP
Rob Heckert, DVM, PhD, CBSP

The purpose of the Standards Committee is to develop and implement effective methods for identifying, reviewing and adopting regulations and other pertinent guidelines or best practices that impact the standards referenced or used by the ABSA Laboratory Accreditation Board in its laboratory accreditation process. The committee is also responsible for developing and implementing effective methods for identifying, reviewing, and updating checklists used in the laboratory accreditation process and communicating that information to affected Committees.

 Regulatory & Technical Affairs Team

Team Leaders:
Bill Homovec, CBSP
Alexis Brubaker, CBSP

Legislative Committee

Meghan Seltzer, PhD
Debra Sharpe, MPH, CBSP

ABSA's Legislative Committee has twin aims: 1) to establish ABSA's credibility with Congress as a preeminent voice on American Biosafety, and 2) to inject ABSA's stance on important biosafety issues into the Congressional forum. The Legislative Committee endeavors to accomplish these goals by monitoring Congress for biosafety-related hearings and proposed rulemaking, and initiating contact with Congress on appropriate matters.

Technical & Regulatory Review Committee

Yolanda Arriaga Stringer, MS, RBP, CBSP
Ingrid Abbott-Permell, RBP, CBSP

Develop and implement an effective method for reviewing and commenting on issues or regulatory concerns that impact the ABSA membership or the health or safety of the environment. Respond to requests for comments by regulatory agencies proposing new or amended regulations. Develop "white papers" and other guidance documents.

Public Relations Committee

Rebecca Moritz, CBSP
Joshua Turse, PhD


Conference Services Team

Team Leader: Sylvie Blondelle

Exhibitors Advisory Committee

Brandon Rosendahl

Make recommendations to the Council concerning issues relating to exhibitors and event sponsors. Solicit new exhibitors and sponsors.

Local Arrangements Committee

2017 Albuquerque, NM:
Jen Gaudioso, PhD
Betsy Matos, RBP

Select and coordinate arrangements for upcoming conferences. Work begins at least three years prior to the conference date. Often members of this committee work or live in the city where the conference will be held.

Scientific Program Committee

Betsy Matos, PhD, RBP
Jessica McCormick-Ell, PhD, RBP, CBSP
Claudia Gentry-Weeks, PhD, CBSP

Solicit submissions for platform presentations and poster sessions for the annual conference, submit nominees for the Wedum and Eagleson Lectures. The SPC shall also request applications for the Gross Memorial Award, select moderators for each of the platform presentation sessions and actively encourages all presenters to prepare and submit papers for publication in the ABSA Journal, Applied Biosafety.

Task Forces


ABSA Ambassadors

Leadership Development
LouAnn Burnett, CBSP
Bob Ellis, PhD, CBSP

John Balog, BS, RBP
Bob Hawley, PhD, RBP CBSP

Don Callihan, PhD

Lolly Gardiner, RBP

Emerging Infectious Disease Consortium
Paul Trancell

Member Needs
Paul Meechan, PhD, RBP, CBSP

SRA Users
Krista Murray, RBP, CBSP Colleen Driskill, RBP, CBSP


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