Member-Get-A-Member Referral Program

"By being an ABSA member, I don’t feel “alone” in biosafety.  Whether it’s through my ties to the PPB instructor group or through the connection to the broader biosafety community that ABSA encompasses, I know that I can always get help on just about any biosafety issue with just a call, email, or text message."

We are asking our current members to help recruit new ABSA members. For each new member that current members recruit, referring members will receive a $50.00 ABSA credit. The credit may be used towards ABSA products such as conference registration, merchandise, membership, publications, or courses. Newly recruited members must have not been members for the last two years. To be eligible, referring members must be good standing ABSA members for 2015.

How can current members participate?
When referring new members, ask them to join ABSA at After they have joined, ask them to email [email protected] indicating who referred them to ABSA. You will then be credited and able to use the credit. Email [email protected] with any questions.

Calendar Members Only