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Ad Rates

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Outside back cover$2,135 $1,925 $1,820
Inside front cover$1,600 $1,445 $1,370
Inside back cover$1,600 $1,445 $1,370
Full page$1,335 $1,200 $1,140
1/2 page$805 $730 $675
1/4 page$535 $485 $455
Color rates: $475 for the first color (after black)
$405 for each additional color.

Outside back cover (full bleed)8-1/2"11"
Inside front cover (full bleed)8-1/2"11"
Inside back cover (full bleed)8-1/2"11"
Full page8-1/2"11"
1/2 page - horizontal7"4-7/8"
1/2 page - vertical3-3/8"10"
1/4 page3-7/8"4-7/8"
8-1/2" x 11" trim size


Deadline Dates (Start Dates) Mail Dates Receipt Dates
January 20 for the Spring Issue March 20 March 30
April 20 for the Summer Issue June 20 June 30
July 20 for the Fall Issue September 20 September 30
October 15 for the Winter Issue December 15 December 30

Advertisers should complete and return the Advertisement Insertion Order(pdf 71KB) form to the ABSA Office.

For the possibility of extending a deadline, please contact the Managing Editor, Karen D. Savage, at the ABSA Office via e-mail at [email protected] or via phone at 1-866-425-1385 (toll free).

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