Animal Biosafety Videos

The following videos describe the procedures animal handlers should follow when working at animal biosafety level 1, 2 or 3. Each video provides guidance on a wide range of topics including donning and doffing personal protective equipment, decontamination of work areas, handling of animals, working with sharps, and transporting animals.

Working at Animal BSL1(Flash Video)
Working at Animal BSL2(Flash Video)
Working at Animal BSL3(Flash Video)

Overview of Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Laboratory Animal Biosafety
(Windows Media Player, 6.3MB)

Biosecurity Research Institute

Working with Livestock in Biocontainment:
Working with Livestock in a BSL-3 Facility (Risk Assessment)(Flash Video)
Livestock Behavior and Handling in BSL-3 Facility(Flash Video)
Cattle Handling in a BSL-3 Facility(Flash Video)
Handling Sheep and Goats in a BSL-3 Facility(Flash Video)
Swine Handling in a BSL-3 Facility(Flash Video)

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