Credentialing Maintenance Program

Credentialing Maintenance Program FAQ(PDF 339KB)

2016 Certified Biological Safety Professionals
2016 Registered Biosafety Professionals
2016 Recertified Biosafety Professionals

A Credentialing Maintenance (CM) Program has been implemented in order to assure that RBPs and CBSPs maintain their professional qualifications. The CM Program requires RBPs and CBSPs participate in professional development activities in addition to biological safety activities encountered through their daily job function. RBPs and CBSPs must meet the requirements of the CM Program to maintain their credentials.

If you are currently a RBP or CBSP and are not sure when your cycle ends, please review the CBSP/RBP CM Cycle Assignments(MS Excel, 19KB).

If you are due to recertify your credentials, the Credentialing Maintenance Worksheets(MS Word 560KB) are due to the ABSA Office by February 1 following your cycle end date. If you have any questions on the Credentialing Maintenance Program(PDF, 208KB) or the proper way to complete the worksheets, a sample worksheet(PDF 479KB) is available. Beginning January 1, 2016, there will be a fee of $50 for ABSA members to recertify the RBP and/or CBSP credential (maximum of $50); $100 for a non-member to be re-credentialed for one or both credentials (maximum $100).

A list of approved Professional Development Activities will provide you with the CM Points and approval number required to be listed on the credentialing maintenance worksheet. If the course or meeting you have attended is not on the approved list, you may apply for credentialing maintenance credit by submitting an Application for Credentialing Maintenance Credit(MS Word 58KB). NRCM Biosafety Exam Content (Domains)(PDF, 27KB)) when filling out the Application for CM Credit. The Board will notify you of the number of credentialing maintenance points awarded for the activity.

If you are in search of approved courses that will count toward the required Professional Development activities, online options and upcoming ABSA activities are available.

If you feel you cannot recertify when your cycle ends due to extenuating circumstances(PDF, 53 KB) please complete the form and submit to the ABSA Office prior to February 1 deadline for recertification.

Policy on Unauthorized use of Credentials(PDF 122 KB)

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