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"Becoming an RBP at the twilight time of my career makes me feel that my choices in seeking educational opportunities and training and amassing real-life experiences on-the-fly as this field became “a real job” was entirely worth it!"

Introduction & Overview of ABSA's Registered Biosafety Professional (RBP) Credential

Introduction & Overview of ABSA's Registered Biosafety Professional (RBP) Credential

Note to RBP Applicants from the
Credentialing Evaluation Board

The initial step in registration is to complete and submit the application. Your application must show that your education and experience will make you eligible for registration as a Registered Biological Safety Professional (RBP). It is, therefore, most important that your application furnish sufficient detail to enable the Examining Board to make an adequate appraisal.

All directions must be followed. Failure to complete all parts of the application or failure to provide all of the necessary details will delay the evaluation of your application. Transcripts or an equivalency are required with all applications.

After the Examining Board has reviewed and evaluated your application, you will be notified with regard to the outcome.

There will be a maintenance fee of $25 for each calendar year after approval.

Registered Biosafety Professional (RBP)

A RBP is an individual with a documented university education plus specialized training in relevant biological safety disciplines who has submitted the application and been found to be eligible for registration by the ABSA Credentialing Evaluation Board. The RBP understands sufficient cell biology, pathogenic microbiology, molecular genetics, immune responses of hosts, and concepts of infectious transmission to enable them to apply safeguards to work with biohazardous materials.

Criteria for Registration

Instructions to Applicants

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