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Fundamentals of Microbiology and Infectious Disease

May 23 and 25, 2017, 12:00 – 2:30pm (CDT)

Train the Trainer: Tools for More Engaging Compliance Training

May 24, 2017, 12:30 – 1:45pm (CDT)

Concepts of Virology

June 6 and 8, 2017, 12:00 – 2:30pm (CDT)

Media and Public Relations for the Biosafety Professional

July 26 and 28, 2017, 12:30 – 3:00pm (CDT)

Bills, Laws, and Regulations: How Can We Make an Impact?

August 14 and 16, 2017, 12:30 – 3:00pm (CDT)

Research Occupational Health

November 9, 2017, 12:00 – 2:00pm (CST)

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For Information about eligibility, exam content, pass rate, practice questions, and test can be found at The application deadline is February 1. The exam is administered throughout the month of April at testing centers around the world.

Advanced Biosafety Training Series

An Online Certification Review Course
A self-paced learning opportunity

ABSA Learning Verification Opportunities

The Certification Maintenance Board has pre-approved the use of various ABSA publications as a means of acquiring credentialing maintenance points for the completion of a quiz.  These are online educational opportunities that can be accessed via your computer at your leisure.  

This program is available to

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Directions for Access to Quizzes

ABSA Publication Sponsor CM Points Awarded
1. Animal Biosafety and BRI Videos ABSA 0.5 CM
2. Applied Biosafety Volume 14.1 – 14.4 ABSA 1.0 CM
3. Applied Biosafety Volume 15.1 – 15.4 ABSA 1.0 CM
4. Applied Biosafety Volume 16.1 – 16.4 ABSA 1.0 CM
5. Applied Biosafety Volume 17.1 – 17.4 ABSA 1.0 CM
6. Applied Biosafety Volume 18.1 – 18.4 ABSA 1.0 CM
7. Applied Biosafety Volume 19.1 – 19.4 ABSA 1.0 CM
8. Applied Biosafety Volume 20.1 – 20.4 ABSA 1.0 CM

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Applied Biosafety: Journal of ABSA International

Animal Biosafety Videos

CDC/MMWR Continuing Education Courses

The Certification Maintenance Board has pre-approved several CDC/MMWR Continuing Education Courses. These are free, on-line education courses that can be accessed via your computer at your leisure. They do have expiration dates, which are noted in the attached table. These courses are biosafety-related, and approved for Certification Maintenance (CM) points. Additional biosafety related courses will be added as they are approved by the Board.

  1. ABSA members who want to get CM credit for taking courses must register on the MMWR Continuing Education site:
  2. Log on through Participant Login or if you have not previously registered, as a New Participant
  3. Once you log on, you should go to "Online Search", then hit Option #2 (Keyword Search). Enter the course ID number or keyword from the list below, and register for the course. If the course you are interested in does not show up, click on the CDC Courses link . Enter “PHGR10” in the input box for a full list of courses.
  4. When you finish the course, there is a quiz (which you must pass) and a certificate. You will be tracking CM points (listed on chart), not CEUs.
  5. Keep the certificates for verification, in case you are chosen at random to be audited by the Certification Maintenance Board. If you need to reprint the certificate, the CDC Continuing Education website tracks the courses you have taken and passed.
  6. If you have taken a biosafety related course that is not listed below, please complete an Application for Credentialing Maintenance Credit(MS Word 58KB).

U-Mass, Lowell

The University of Massachusetts is now offering a unique 12 credit (4 course) Online Graduate Certificate in Laboratory and Biological Safety  designed to introduce the principles of identification, evaluation and control of biological and laboratory hazards. This program is geared toward scientists responsible for biological and/or laboratory safety, practicing occupational and environmental hygienists or biosafety officers and those interested in embarking upon a career in biological and/or laboratory safety.

More information is found at:

Online Courses available (as part of the certificate or standalone registration):

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