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"By being an ABSA member, I don’t feel “alone” in biosafety.  Whether it’s through my ties to the PPB instructor group or through the connection to the broader biosafety community that ABSA encompasses, I know that I can always get help on just about any biosafety issue with just a call, email, or text message."

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ABSA International was founded in 1984 to promote biosafety as a scientific discipline and serve the growing needs of biosafety professionals throughout the world. The Association’s goals are to provide a professional association that represents the interests and needs of practitioners of biological safety, and to provide a forum for the continued and timely exchange of biosafety information.

Persons interested in joining ABSA or renewing their membership may complete an application on-line, e-mail [email protected], or phone the ABSA Office at (847) 949-1517.

(For student membership please contact the ABSA office.)

"Being an ABSA member has enabled me to have collaborative input into initiatives (such as the ANSI standard on BSL-3 ventilation performance verification) that have significant impacts on biorisk management."

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ABSA International is dedicated to promoting and expanding biological safety expertise.

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Members of ABSA International are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical manner as they practice their profession. ABSA International members should:

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